Liverpool 2022 Regional Championship Registration Info!

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A Regional Championship is being held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, as part of the 2023 season. The event will occur in Liverpool, UK on January 21 - 22, 2022. It will hold TCG, VGC and GO tournaments. This Regional Championship will be organised by Play the Championships.


The TCG event will be accessible in three divisions: Masters, Seniors, and Juniors. The format to be used is the Standard format.


Registration will begin on:

Masters TCG and Pokémon GO: Thursday, December 1 at 20:00 CET

Juniors and Seniors TCG and VGC: Wednesday, November 30 at 20:00 CET



As for availability, the organizer had a number of how many people they could accommodate in this tournament:

  • 1000 TCG
  • 600 VGC
  • 256 Pokémon GO


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