January Japanese Pokemon Card Game Merchandise Revealed!

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Pokemon Card Game Japan just released another product lineup for their January merchandise. This product will be available at the Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store.


The product will be released on January 14, 2022, along with their new TCG set S9 ‘Star Birth’.


Here's the product list:


Suggested retail price: 792 yen (tax included)

Contents: Sleeve x 64


Arceus Sleeve (with VSTAR Marker)



Cynthia & Garchomp

Battle Start!

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My Luxray’s Story

Pro/Premium Sleeves

Suggested retail price: 913 yen (tax included)

Contents: Sleeve x 64


Charizard Pro Sleeve

VSTAR Premium Gloss

Lumineon Premium Gloss

Deck Box

Suggested retail price: 398 yen (tax included)


・ Deck Box x 1

・ Partition plate x 2


Arceus (with VSTAR Marker)

Cynthia Rise (Gloss Finishing, 495 Yen)

Battle Start!

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Exhausted (Sideways)

My Luxray’s Story (Sideways)


Suggested retail price: 2,750 yen (tax included)

Contents: Playmat x 1



Damage Counter Case

Suggested retail price: 330 yen (tax included)

Contents: Case x1



Card Binder

Suggested retail price: 1,705 yen (tax included)


  • Card Binder (9-pocket type) x 1

  • 9-pocket refill for cards (with flap / highly transparent sheet) x 10 pages



Carrying Case

Suggested retail price: 1,446 yen (tax included)


  • Partition Plate x 11

  • Index Sticker x1



So what do you guys think? We are coming to a new era of VSTAR and even the TCG merchandise have stepped up their game by providing more premium sleeves. You may want to have some of these, so don’t miss it!


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

News Source: Official Website of Pokemon Card Game Japan (pokemon-card.com)

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