Gyarados VMAX deck: Hyper Beam!!!

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Hi guys, hope you guys having a great time! Today I’m going to talk about a deck that includes one of my favorite Pokemon. It’s Gyarados VMAX deck!


Here’s an example of the deck:

This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you can try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Deck Overview

This deck revolves around Gyarados VMAX, you can start by using its first attack to stall the enemies. Then while taking damage, you can use Memory Capsule to use Gyarados V’s first attack.

Gyarados VMAX

This is your first attacker. Gyarados VMAX has quite the advantage when it comes to HP base, but its attack cost is the downside of this card. Unlike Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX, it needs 3 and 4 energies attack and the damage output is more or less the same. 


But, the fun thing is when you look at Gyarados V. Its first attack allows you to attack by multiplying the damage that’s on Gyarados V itself by 2 times. This is considered a very good attack because when you look at Gyarados V/VMAX weakness, there are no dangerous Lightning decks in the format right now except Jolteon VMAX. In the case of Jolteon VMAX, because its attack only deals 100 damage (200 with weakness applied), you are not getting knocked out. So, you can retaliate by doing 200 or even 400 damage to the opponent the moment you attack. 


Suicune V

This is your second attacker. In my opinion, every water deck needs to bring this card in order to disrupt your opponent’s prize trade. Unless you are sure that you can survive an OHKO attack, you may want to bring Suicune V


Its attack also can be quite devastating too, with only 2 energies, you can knock some V Pokemon. Its ability is also useful where you can draw 1 card and that may become your destiny draw!


I bring Suicune V in this deck so I can at least attack with Suicune V first because of its lower attack cost and it’s only a V Pokemon. Then I charge my Gyarados V/VMAX on the bench so I can switch them out in the next turn.



To meet the attack cost, I use the Frosmoth engine. That’s why I also bring Suicune V along so that I can charge Gyarados V/VMAX on the bench. You can search the Frosmoth line using Level Ball or Quick Ball


Frosmoth has 90 HP and that means it can be a threat when you are facing spread decks. But, in the upcoming Brilliant Stars set, you may want to bring Manaphy in order to prevent your bench from getting sniped.






Professor’s Research is my go-to card here. Because you can discard your Water Energy and then use Melony in the next turn.


Capacious Bucket is a must because you want to maximize the Frosmoth engine.


Memory Capsule in order to utilize Gyarados V attack.


In this deck, I only bring 2 Path to the Peak because sometimes it prevents me from using Suicune V. So, I decided to reduce the number of them.


Air Balloon for pivoting around by attaching it to Suicune V, Crobat V, or Frosmoth.


I decide to bring Pokegear because sometimes I don’t get the Supporter I want. So I decided to add it to the deck and it works for me.


You may want to consider Adventurer’s Discovery in this deck. You can search for any V Pokemon so you can have a smoother setup. I don’t play it on this deck because based on my experience what I want is drawing power. If I play Adventurer’s Discovery, I skip my chance to use any drawing Supporter. But, if you want to try it and it suits your playstyle, it can be a great addition.


Other than that, you can be focusing this deck by using Gyarados VMAX’s first attack. In order to maximize the potential, you may want to swap the Pokegear and other items to Crushing Hammer or Fan of Waves.


With 330HP, not many Pokemon can one-hit Gyarados VMAX. That way, you may want to take advantage of it by utilizing Memory Capsule and using Gyarados V’s first attack. However, setting the board can be quite hard because if you can’t get any Gyarados V or Snom out on your early turn you can get behind on your prize trade. If you’re late on evolving Gyarados V, it can also be a problem because you can get knocked by your opponent.


Weakness is not a problem, in my opinion, because the most used Lightning deck right now is Jolteon VMAX. Its attack cannot one-shot your Gyarados VMAX or Suicune V. But you may want to be careful because they bring Galarian Zigzagoon and ‘Quick Shooting’ Inteleon.


Mew VMAX is also not a problem unless they use 4 Power Tablet in a single turn… it’s possible, I guess. Also your Suicune V is in the range of OHKO from Mew VMAX. In this case, you want to at least deal some damage before getting knocked or at least ready up your board.


OHKO deck like Single Strike Urshifu VMAX may have some problems for you. But looking at the pace of their setup, you can still have the upper hand if you start with Suicune V.


Other than that, you may want to try some other combinations of the cards. Because in my experience, setting up the board can be quite a challenge. Sometimes you can have a very full board, and the other times, you just left with Suicune V/Gyarados V in the active and just a Snom on the bench. You can try to add Capture Energy in the deck but it can be a problem if you don’t have the necessary energy to utilize the Frosmoth engine.


So what do you guys think? It is surely not the best deck out there, but it can still kick some punch. Also since it is a Water-type deck, you can at least have the upper hand when facing the next set’s Charizard VSTAR deck.


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

There may be some mistakes and missing points of review in this writing. Please kindly comment to share your correction and point of view too.

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