Great Tusk and Iron Treads Appear on 5-Star Tera Raid Battle! Another Paradox Pokemon!

Image Source: Official Community Website of Pokemon

Pokemon has organized another Tera Raid Fight featuring Great Tusk and Iron Treads which will appear in a 5-star Tera Raid Fight. This event will take place in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from May 19 to May 22, 2023, where you can meet Great Tusk on Pokemon Scarlet and Iron Treads on Pokemon Violet.


Tera Raid Battle is a new type of battle introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet for those who are unaware. You will fight alongside three other Trainers to defeat a wild Tera Pokemon, which will remain Terastallized until you deliver enough damage to it.


For more information about the Tera Raid Battle, you can check here:

Pokemon Japan:



Pokemon English:


What do you guys think of this event? I think this can be a great chance to obtain Great Tusk or Iron Treads with the Tera-type you want. You also get the chance to obtain a Chesnaught this week too because the 7-star Tera Raid will feature Chesnaught with Rock-Tera Type. 


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


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  • Official Japanese Pokemon Scarlet & Violet News (

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