Gengar VMAX/Jolteon Deck: No Room for Inteleon Line?

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Today I’m going to talk about a very unique deck to play but can also bring a lot of trouble to the opponent. This deck is inspired from [ポケ神チャンネル] YouTube channel, but I adjust it a little bit. It’s Gengar VMAX deck!

Here’s an example of the deck:

This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you can try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Deck Overview

This deck playstyle is the usual like the usual Gengar VMAX. But instead of relying on the Single Strike engine, you are relying on Mew from Celebrations. Jolteon is also played to nullify the opponent Water Pokemon’s abilities.

Gengar VMAX

From the start, this card is already a powerful attacker. With only 2 energies, you can constantly hit big damage if the requirement is met. Its second attack also can be used as an OHKO attack too but you can’t attack the next turn.


With Mew VMAX is always around in the current meta, Gengar VMAX can be an answer to countering it. But, since it is weak to Fighting-type, Urshifu decks can be a problem. That’s why I try to bring Jolteon to help me counter the Urshifu decks, especially Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX.





This is your main engine in this deck, it is may not as smooth as the Single Strike Engine but because you are bringing Pokegear, you can at least use Mew’s ability to help you find Pokegear and use Pokegear to find any supporter.


Many people are not using this engine because you can only find Item cards. That’s why this card is not being played often.







This is the star of the deck. Why? Because you nullify any Water Pokemon’s ability. Because some of the meta decks rely heavily on the Inteleon line, you can shut them down completely. 


To make it work, you need to bring Memory Capsule. That’s why Mew is also being played. You can use Mew’s ability to search for it.


Then, with Lumineon V coming to our set in Brilliant Stars, you can shut them down completely. With the addition of Path to the Peak, you can basically shut down your opponent’s whole engine.




Memory Capsule is a must since you want to activate Jolteon’s ability.


Because we don’t play any Single Strike engine, Energy Search is an important card here to make sure your Gengar VMAX can launch an attack.


Pokegear is also an important card. You want to make sure to set up your board as fast as possible to avoid any Inteleon line is working. You can also use Eldegoss V’s ability in case you are short on supporters.


I only play 1 copy of Raihan because Gengar VMAX’s attack cost is quite low and it can be charged easily. Also, there’s not much to pick up because most of the time you will be using Mew to find an Item. But still, Raihan is a powerful card and there’s no harm in bringing 1 or 2 copies.

Path to the Peak is also being played too as it can enhance our shutdown even further. But, because we also bring Eldegoss V and Crobat V, playing it may be a bad choice too. That’s why I also bring 1 copy of it. But you can try to add more if you find it necessary.


I also bring Hiding Energy and Single Strike Energy to enhance our Gengar VMAX damage and survival rate.







Since Gengar VMAX is a Dark Type, you can at least have a strong footing against Mew VMAX deck. But since Mew VMAX setup speed is crazy, you may need to be extra careful.


Then, since you are playing Mew, you may need to consider a case where your Mew or other Pokemon is trapped in the active. You may need to dig fast enough for switching cards. You can try to consider having Scoop Up Net.


This deck also suffers heavily if you are facing sniping decks, especially Jolteon VMAX and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX. This is where your strategy comes to play, you may need to set up your Jolteon fast enough to shut down your opponent’s Inteleon line (because it is their usual goto engine). Even if you are not fast enough, you can still deal significant damage to the enemy because they can’t use the Inteleon line’s ability. But in the case of Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, you may want to be extra careful because you facing your weakness.


Other than that, because Gengar VMAX is already strong from the start, you can at least have a smooth game even though you can still have quite a big backlash of not having any draw power except Crobat V and supporters.


But still, because this is quite a niche build, you don’t expect to have everything works out every time. 


So what do you guys think? This is a unique build that I find quite fun to play. With Gengar VMAX damage potential, it can also compete with some decks in the meta as well. 


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

There may be some mistakes and missing points of review in this writing. Please kindly comment to share your correction and point of view too.

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