Early August Pokemon Card Game Japan TCG Accessories Lineup!

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Pokemon Card Game Japan revealed their early August TCG accessories lineup that will be released on August 5, 2022. These products relate to the upcoming VSTAR Special set. You guys can buy these products from Pokemon Center both online and offline. 


Here is the product lineup:

If you are on a PC, you can try to Right-Click the Image and choose 'Open Image in New Tab' for the bigger picture.

If you are on Smartphone, you can hold the picture and choose 'Preview Picture'


MSRP: 792 yen (tax included)

Content: Sleeves x64

Zacian & Zamazenta

Rotom Change Forme!?

Deck Box

MSRP: 398 yen (tax included)


  • Deck Box x1

  • Partition Plate x2


Double Deck Box

MSRP: 1,527 yen (tax included)


  • Deck Box x1

  • Inner Box x2

  • Partition Plate x3


Card Album (12-pocket)

MSRP: 2,750 yen (tax included)


  • Card Album x1


What do you guys think of these products? I think the Rotom sleeve is cute and the Zacian & Zamazenta deck box is very cool. I just hope that the products won’t be sold out when it’s released.


See the newly revealed S11 ‘Lost Abyss’ Secret Rares here:


What do you guys think? Don’t forget to comment down below!


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News Source: Official Trainer Website of Pokemon Card Game Japan (pokemon-card.com)

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