Bochum 2023 Regional Championship Registration Info!

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Image Source: Official Twitter Account of 2022 Event & Project Management

A Regional Championship will be held in Bochum, Germany as part of the 2023 season. The event will occur on February 25 - 26, 2023, in RuhrCongress Bochum, Stadionring 20, D-44791, Bochum, Germany. It will hold TCG, Video Games (VGC), and GO tournaments. This Regional Championship will be organised by 2022 Event & Project Management.


The TCG & VGC event will be accessible in three divisions: Masters, Seniors, and Juniors. 


Based on their official Twitter account, the registration for Bochum 2023 Regional Championship will begin on Thursday, 19 January at 20:00 CET on RK9labs.


There will be an entry fee for this regional, here is the list:

  • TCG Masters: 54,99€
  • TCG Seniors: 34,99€
  • TCG Juniors: 34,99€
  • VG Masters: 54,99€
  • VG Seniors: 34,99€
  • VG Juniors: 34,99€
  • GO: 49,99€


For more information, you can check here:


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