Armarouge and Ceruledge Appear in Tera Raid Battle!

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Image Source: Official Japanese Pokemon Scarlet & Violet News

Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet and Ceruledge in Pokemon Violet will be featured in the next Tera Raid Battle event. This event will take place from February 3, 2023, to February 6, 2023. In Pokemon Scarlet, Armarouge will appear in 4 and 5-star raids, whereas Ceruledge will appear in 4 and 5-star raids in Pokemon Violet.


Tera Raid Battle is a new sort of battle introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet for those who are unaware. You will fight alongside three other Trainers to defeat a wild Tera Pokemon, which will remain Terastallized until you deliver enough damage to it.


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What do you guys think of this event? Is Armarouge or Ceruledge your favourite Pokemon? You should definitely catch them if they are! You can also catch them if they have the Tera-type that you need for your team.


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