Arceus VSTAR/Mewtwo V-UNION: Union Burst!

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After talking about V-UNION last week, I think it’s a great time to talk about a V-UNION deck to see whether it is really unplayable or not. This time I’ll be playing Arceus VSTAR paired with Mewtwo V-UNION. Enjoy!


Here’s an example of the deck:

This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you can try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Deck Overview

You will be playing like the standard Arceus VSTAR where at the start of the game the objective is to set up the board while utilizing Trinity Nova to accelerate energy to your board. Mewtwo V-UNION will be your secondary attacker and to find that you can use your VSTAR Power and other sources so you can set it up quickly. 


Arceus VSTAR



Having Arceus VSTAR really makes setting up V-UNION easier. Trinity Nova can easily charge your V-UNION while dealing damage. Then, its VSTAR Power can easily find Adventurer’s Discovery to search for V-UNION parts. This is by no means an easy feat to pull. But once you pull off the combo, you can practically be cruising with your V-UNION. 


I play the standard 4-3 line of Arceus VSTAR because I think this is the safest number for playing the Arceus VSTAR variant. 

Mewtwo V-UNION


The star for this deck is none other than Mewtwo V-UNION. Having V-UNION is not always a bad thing considering how Arceus VSTAR can easily help you set up your V-UNION. This time, Mewtwo V-UNION will become its pair. 


With 3 energy, Psysplosion will be your main source of damage. Spreading 16 damage counters to the board can become deadly if your opponent is still on the stage of setting up. You can easily knock out a single Drizzile and a Sobble at the same time while leaving 20 damage wherever you like. 


Then, if you get hurt, you can easily use Super Regeneration to heal yourself and you can also try to play Suspicious Food Tin to sustain yourself because most of the time you will be having Psychic energy attached. 


You also have a great ability that can prevent any effects from your opponent’s Pokemon attack be it energy disruption, damage reduction, etc.


Last but not least, you have Final Burn. This attack can easily overwhelm any Pokemon VSTAR or Pokemon VMAX (Choice Belt attached) because its damage base is 300. But because it has 4 energy for its attack cost, achieving this while sustaining damage is quite hard.


I think this is a pretty good V-UNION if you can set it up pretty quick because its Psysplosion can easily wipe your opponent’s board.

Galarian Articuno V



This will be the deck's main source of discard and draw power. Its ability allows you to discard 2 cards in order to draw 1 card. This is very beneficial for you in the early game because you can easily discard 2 V-UNION parts and try to draw a card so you can have a bit of consistency. 


Also, because it is a Psychic-type Pokemon, you can easily call this Pokemon using Fog Crystal. Its attack is also not so bad at all. If you are in a pinch and need to damage the opponent, you can try to attack with Galarian Articuno V because not only you can damage the opponent, but you will also leave to opponent’s Pokemon confused. 


I bring 2 copies of Galarian Articuno V because if I only bring 1 in the deck, there is a risk that Galarian Articuno V will be priced. 




For searchers, I play 4 copies of Quick Ball and Ultra Ball. I also play 3 copies of Great Ball and 3 Familiar Bell to search for my V-UNION parts. I also play 4 copies of Adventurer’s Discovery to easily find my Pokemon V because all my Pokemon here is a Pokemon V. I think this is a pretty standard search if you want to play V-UNION because you want to set up your V-UNION quickly.


Then I also play 2 copies of Choice Belt to help me boost my damage output. 


As for switching cards, I only play 1 copy of Escape Rope and Switch. I do this because the main attacker will be Arceus VSTAR and most of the time Arceus VSTAR will be on the active spot and the switching cards is only for emergencies where Crobat V, Lumineon V, or Galarian Articuno V is gusted to the active spot. 




For supporters, I play 4 copies of Professor’s Research, 4 Adventurer’s Discovery, 3 Boss’s Orders, and 1 Raihan. I play a full copy of Adventurer’s Discovery to help me find my V-UNION parts quickly and also help to set up my board too. Raihan also helps me to accelerate to my second/third attacker because I can easily have 2 energy attachments in a single turn. 


Last, Training Court will be my go-to stadium here because I play a heavy amount of discarding power. I think it is a great choice because if you are discarding energy you can get it back using Training Court


I think this is my most consistent composition because Adventurer’s Discovery really helps my search in the early game to set up Arceus VSTAR and find another V-UNION part. You can also try to reduce Adventurer’s Discovery because this deck plays 2 Lumineon V and I think you can try to play Lumineon V and search for Adventurer’s Discovery


Setting up the board is quite easy because V-UNION can’t be placed in the active spot when you are starting the game. But, you may want to be a bit wary when you place another Pokemon besides Arceus V. Even then, Galarian Articuno V is the only one with 2 energy retreat costs so you can be a bit relaxed because Crobat V and Lumineon V only needs 1 energy for their retreat cost. Then, setting up for the evolution and V-UNION can be done easily with Adventurer’s Discovery. In case your V-UNION parts are prized, you can just go all the way by playing Arceus VSTAR only because you bring a 4-3 line. So, you can still attack pretty consistently while finding the prized V-UNION parts. 




Setting up Mewtwo V-UNION is quite easy if you are not prized any V-UNION parts. Having Arceus VSTAR’s VSTAR Power can easily help you do a turn-2 V-UNION because you can search for searchers, discarding power, or even the V-UNION parts themselves. I am still quite in a dilemma because I want to include Peonia to help me find V-UNION parts if they are prized. But at the same time, in roughly 8-10 games I only prized my V-UNION parts once. I don’t know if it is some kind of luck but if you are always prized your V-UNION parts you may want to bring Peonia.


Then, when facing a Fighting-type Pokemon, you may be in quite a bad spot because if you still setting up the game and the opponent attack you, you must be prepared to get OHKO by your opponent. You can try to bring a Dunsparce in case you are facing a lot of Fighting-type decks. You can also attack with Galarian Articuno V and Mewtwo V-UNION because most of the viable Fighting-type decks right now are weak to Psychic-type. You also make the opponent confused if you attack with Galarian Articuno V.


However, hand disruption in this deck is quite harsh. Galarian Articuno V only lets you get 1 card to draw and that draw can be a very bad draw for you. Even then, I play 4 Adventurer’s Discovery and 4 Professor’s Research, so the chances of me getting the card is still quite high. I also have a hefty amount of searchers so I still can get out of the situation. 




Then, energy disruption can also be quite severe. That’s why I try to bring Training Court as my means of recycling energy. I also bring 1 Raihan so I can do 2 energy attachments in a single turn. You may be in a bad spot if you run out of stadiums and/or prized most of your stadium cards.


Overall, having Arceus VSTAR to pair with a Pokemon V-UNION is quite refreshing and fun because you are in a race on setting up V-UNION or you will be on the losing side. Pokemon V-UNION especially Mewtwo V-UNION in this case is very fun to play because its Psysplosion attack can easily spread damage to the board and take multiple prize cards. However, I still think having and setting up V-UNION is still one of the hardest parts of the game because its attack and HP are the same as Pokemon VMAX yet they are easier to set up. 


V-UNION is struggling because of its set-up requirement. However, with Arceus VSTAR as the centre of your deck, it is not impossible anymore to have a turn-2 Mewtwo V-UNION. But as the format continues, V-UNION seems to be forgotten because Pokemon VMAX and Pokemon VSTAR are easier to set up and maintain. Let’s just hope in the future we will have great support for V-UNION so they can have a great spot in the top-tier format. 


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