Arceus VSTAR/Greedent VMAX Deck: Max Profit!

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In today’s article, I’m trying to make a deck that can easily take 3-5 prize cards in a single turn. How? I’m going to use Greedent VMAX!


Here’s an example of the deck:


This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you could try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Deck Overview

You will be playing like the other Arceus VSTAR deck variant, but Greedent VMAX will be your secondary attacker. Bibarel will be your draw engine.


Arceus VSTAR

It’s another Arceus VSTAR deck! As you guys already know, Arceus VSTAR can quickly charge any Pokemon V in your arena and that’s what you want to do. Also, you want to try to attack with Arceus VSTAR first rather than another attacker. 


Then, its VSTAR Power can easily be used to find any cards in the deck. If you are stuck with energy attachment, you can easily use its VSTAR Power to find energy cards, if you are short on draw supporters you can search it from the deck, and so on. This is definitely one of the best VSTAR Power in the game until now. 


I bring a 4-3 line, as usual, to find it easily in the first turn and if I don’t find my VSTAR, I can still use Arceus V ‘Trinity Charge’ attack to help me charge my second attacker.

Greedent VMAX



This will be the star of this deck. Greedent VMAX ‘Turn a Profit’ attack can easily become my comeback attack because I can easily take additional Prize Cards with it. Its attack also can be easily met with Double Turbo Energy or Melony. However, it is a Colorless-type which is the same as Arceus VSTAR so you will be having big trouble if you are facing Fighting-type decks. But you can try to overcome it by playing Dunsparce.


Its second attack, ‘Max Gimme Gimme’, is also considered to be a very useful attack because you can draw cards by using its attack. You can also attack 


I play a 2-2 line because usually the secondary attacker for Arceus VSTAR only brings 2-2 line or 3-2 line for it. Another reason for that is because the secondary attacker that is usually paired with Arceus VSTAR is a Pokemon VMAX so having one 3 prizers on the board is enough unless you want to easily get sniped and give the opponent 3 prize cards easily. 




Bibarel will be the draw engine for this deck. You can use the Inteleon line for this kind of deck but I try to play a Bibarel engine for the sake of trying a new way of playing. Always using the Inteleon line is never a problem for people who want to play consistently in the highest tier of the format. But because I intended to play this deck as a fun and casual local tournament deck, I try to play something else to break out of the routine of playing intensively. That’s why I play the Bibarel engine.


I bring a 2-2 line of Bibarel because even setting up 1 Bibarel is already a big boost of consistency for my board. 


But, I do have a decklist if you want to play with the Inteleon engine, here you go:



This is only an example because every people have different preferences on how to play around with the Inteleon engine. But this is so far my most consistent build using the Inteleon engine although you can try to use Capture Energy. I won't be explaining it in detail and you can read this article through because the gameplay of the deck is somewhat similar.




For searchers, I play 4 copies of Quick Ball and Ultra Ball along with 2 copies of Evolution Incense. I think this is a pretty standard composition for almost any decks that don’t play the Inteleon line and some of the decks even play with only 4 copies of Quick Ball and Ultra Ball


As for switching cards, I only play one copy of Escape Rope and Switch. I play this composition because I can rely on Cheren’s Care in case my Pokemon is damaged or need to get out. 





I also play Echoing Horn to easily bring out any Sobble or other Basic Pokemon so I can use ‘Turn a Profit’ to take an easy knockout. I also play Choice Belt and Vitality Band so I can increase my damage output. Vitality Band is played here because sometimes all you need to do is knock out some Sobble or Dunsparce using Greedent VMAX to take an easy prize card. But this is a very conditional card and you may switch it with another card


I bring 2 copies of Pokegear here so I can try to search for Cheren’s Care. But this is an optional card for this deck because you can try to play Air Balloon so you can have more switching options. 


As for supporters, I bring Professor’s Research, Melony, Boss’s Orders, and Cheren’s Care. I play the Melony engine so I can easily meet all my Pokemon attack costs. Also, Melony can open up a very wide variety of possibilities because you can also try to attack with Lumineon V! This is one of many scenarios that you can make to surprise your opponent because sometimes all you need is a Lumineon V attack to knock out your opponent. 


For stadiums, I only bring 2 copies of Path to the Peak. I think playing 2 stadiums is enough because most of the time my opponent also brings stadium cards. You can also try to play Pumpkaboo if you find that your opponent plays too many stadiums which may help you to fight back. 


This is my composition where I think there is still a whole lot more room to improvise like adding Avery or even adding Adventurer’s Discovery. Galarian Zigzagoon is also a great addition to your damage output. But if you want to play Galarian Zigzagoon, you may want to bring Scoop Up Net. But as far as I’m playing with this composition, I’m very pleased with the consistency of this deck. 


For setting up in the early game, you want to have Arceus V/Arceus VSTAR in your active spot so you can use ‘Trinity Nova’ or ‘Trinity Charge’ in your 1st or 2nd turn. This will determine the course of your game because it can really affect your game plan if you fail to attack. Also, setting up Bibarel will be your next priority because you want to have drawing power every single turn so you can dig for cards. 




Next, we have weakness matchup, Fighting-type Pokemon like Urshifu decks and Wormadam can easily OHKO all your attacker because they are weak to Fighting-type. If you are happened to be in this kind of matchup, you want to at least setup Dunsparce as fast as you can because you can easily get knocked in the early part of the game. If you managed to set up Dunsparce, the game will progress much smoother because you won’t be bothered by weakness. But still, you need to beware of getting Boss’d. 


Then, because this is considered a Colorless-type deck, you won’t be hitting any Pokemon for weakness. That will be quite a downside for you because you can’t do any OHKO. But, you can utilize Cheren’s Care so you can survive more turns and potentially outlive your opponent. 


Also, the main star here is Greedent VMAX. Because you will likely be short on damage because of Double Turbo Energy when attacking with Arceus VSTAR, using ‘Turn a Profit’ will be a great attack to utilize to secure extra prize cards on the next turn. Yes, the damage is very low because it is 30 damage, but you can utilize Powerful Energy, Choice Belt, and Vitality Band to increase your damage output. You also have Melony so you can easily meet your attack cost. However, there's one thing you want to take note of is that you don't want to attach Double Turbo Energy to Greedent VMAX if you are planning on using 'Turn a Profit'.




After that, we are looking at disruption. Hand disruption in this deck is not too severe because you have Bibarel and Pokegear. But if your luck runs out, you will be having a hard time because Bibarel and Pokegear are prized. Even then, it is only a small probability to be having that scenario. 


As for energy disruption, things can be quite bad if you fail to find your Double Turbo Energy in time because it can stop you from attacking in the early game. You may want to be cautious a bit from attaching energy in the early game. I do recommend that you want to attach basic energy first because the only energy that you can recycle here is your basic energy by using Melony


Other than that, this deck is quite fun, to begin with, because Greedent VMAX can easily turn the tide of the game for you. But because this deck damage output is quite low, you may want to have an extra damage booster or go for the Inteleon engine. You can also utilize another form of energy accelerator with this deck like Flaaffy, the upcoming Gardenia’s Liveliness, or even try to use Energy Switch from Pokemon like Galarian Moltres V or having Magma Basin as your stadium. 


Colorless-type is a very unique type because some of the energy accelerators can easily fit into the deck and you don’t have to worry about missing an energy attachment. But because you can’t hit for weakness, you want to at least try to do a 2-turn knockout so you can secure some prize cards. 


Greedent VMAX is a very fun Pokemon to work around with. You may have to make extra effort to make it work, but once it runs, Greedent VMAX can easily get you a win in a short time. But you need to take note here, that this is considered to be a fun deck, not a competitive deck. Yes, you can still put out a fight in some matches, but damage and consistency wise, this deck seems to be lacking on the damage side. But I still do recommend you guys to play this deck in some local tournaments because you can surprise your opponent by using ‘Turn a Profit’ to take extra Prize Cards. 


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