All Secret Rares from S10a ‘Dark Phantasma’ Revealed!

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Some stores and people in Japan have got the new upcoming set Dark Phantasma in their hands. So, there are some Secret Rares running around in the online marketplace where they are auctioned. The set will be released on May 13, 2022, in Japan.


If you want to purchase these Booster Boxes, make sure you pay the lowest price that is close to the MSRP. Typically, the set will arrive in the United States or Europe within a week to a month.


You can also try to buy singles from these Japanese websites:

  • Yuyutei (

  • Mercari (, you can also try Buyee and access Mercari from there

  • Yahoo! Auctions Japan (

Here is the complete list of the Secret Rares from S10a Dark Phantasma:


72 Parasect CHR

73 Pikachu CHR (Akari)

74 Gengar CHR (Trio Miss Fortunes)

75 Hisuian Arcanine CHR (Rei)

76 Spiritomb CHR

77 Snorlax CHR (Kamado)

78 Hisuian Electrode V SR

79 Magnezone V SR

80 Enamorus V SR

image image image

81 Gallade V SR

82 Hisuian Goodra V SR

83 Hisuian Zoroark V SR

image image image

84 Volo SR

85 Iscan SR

86 Arezu SR

image image image

87 Trio Miss Fortunes SR

88 Enamorus V CSR (Cogita)

89 Gallade V CSR


90 Magnezone VSTAR HR

91 Hisuian Goodra VSTAR HR

92 Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR HR

image image

93 Volo HR

94 Iscan HR

95 Arezu HR

image image image

96 Trio Miss Fortunes HR

97 Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR UR

98 Dark Patch UR

image image image

99 Box of Calamity UR


What do you guys think of this set? I think starting from S9 ‘Star Birth’, Pokemon Card Game Japan decide to use this format of Secret Rares for their subset. This can be a good combination because we can have more variation of Secret Rares rather than chasing for the Alternate Art of SR and HR only. 


You can also check here for the full S10a Dark Phantasma card list:


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