All Cards from S9 'Star Birth' Japan Finally Revealed!

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Pokemon Card Game Japan finally revealed the full list of their upcoming set S9 ‘Star Birth’. The set will be having 100 cards before SR, HR, etc., and will be released on January 14, 2022. The set will be priced at 4950 Yen per box (30 Booster Pack per Box)


It will be featuring a new mechanic, VSTAR Power that is similar to the GX attack that can only be used once per game.


Please note that we only cover some of the cards that may impact the game

Big thanks to our translator Nomad for the translation!

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Ability - Wave Veil

Prevent all damage done to your Benched Pokémon by your opponent's attacks. 


W - Water Spray 20


CC - Low Sweep 20


FFC - Fire Punch 70


CC - Megaton Punch 50


FFC - Boltplosion 120+

If "Electivire" is on your Bench, this attack deals 120 more damage


E - Thunder Wave

Flip a coin, if heads, your opponent's Active Pokemon is now paralyzed. 


EC - Headbolt 30


E - Fume Bolt 30+

If your Benched "Magmortar" has any damage counters on it, this attack deals 90 more damage.


EEC - High Voltage Current

Deal 50 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon. [Don't apply Weakness or Resistance for Bench Pokemon]


LC - Tricky Thunder 30x

This attack deals 30 damage for each Pokemon Tool attached to your Pokemon.



C - Moonlight Miracle

Flip 3 coins, then for each head, evolve 1 of your Pokemon, by taking a card from your Deck that it evolves into and immediately evolving it.


PCC - Magical Shot 90


Whimsicott V

P - Hindrance String 20

During your opponent's next turn, the Basic Pokemon that received this attack, cannot use attacks.


PCC - Cotton Guard 90

During your opponent's next turn, this Pokemon receives -30 damage from attacks


Whimsicott VSTAR

PCC - Trick Move 160

During your opponent's next turn, they cannot play Pokemon Tools or Special Energy from their hand.


[VSTAR Power] P - Cotton Trick Star

Deal 60 damage for each Energy attached to this Pokemon to 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. [Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Bench Pokemon.] [You can only use 1 V STAR Power per match.]


P - Tri-Recharge

Flip 3 coins, for each head, attach 1 Basic Energy from your Discard Pile to your Bench Pokemon in any way you like. 


PC - Psychokinesis 10+

This attack deals 30 more damage for each Energy attached to the opponent's Active Pokemon.



CC - Big Hand 30+

This attack deals 10 more damage for each card in your hand. 

FFC - Megaton Punch 120



D - Ransack

Flip 2 coins, for each head, look at your opponent's hand then place cards from there to the bottom of your opponent's Deck in any order you like.


DCC - Slash 100

Honchkrow V

Ability - Honcho’s Stash

This Pokémon may have up to 4 Pokémon Tools attached to it. If it loses this Ability, discard Pokémon Tools from it until only 1 remains. 


DDC - Shadow Fear 130

Your opponent reveals their hand.



C - Engraving Fear

Until the end of your next turn, the Pokemon that receives this attack has its Weakness changed to Dark Type (Apply Weakness Damage of x2).


D - Cursed Droplet

Place 2 damage counters on your opponent's Pokemon in any way you like.



Ability  - Gearwhirl

Your Basic Pokemon receive -20 from your opponent's Pokemon's attacks.


MCC - Roaring Attack 90+

Flip a coin, if heads, this attack deals 90 more damage.


CC - Card Claw 30

During your opponent's next turn, this Pokemon receives -30 damage from the attack. 


MMC - Iron Hammer 80+

If this Pokemon has a [Fire] Energy attached to it, this card deals 80 more damage.


Flygon V

GF - Sand Spray 70


GFFC - Dragon Impulse 160+

If the opponent's Active Pokemon is a Pokemon VMAX, this attack deals 160 more damage, then discard 3 Energy from this Pokemon



CCC - Whirlwind

Shuffle your opponent's Active Pokemon and all cards attached to it, into the Deck.


CCCC - Spinning Bird 180

Discard 2 Energy attached to this Pokemon.


Ability - Working Teeth

Once per turn, you can draw cards until you have 5 cards in your hand. 


CCC - Tail Smash 100

Flip a coin, if tails, this attack does nothing.



CC - Leek Strike 20+

This attack deals 10 more damage for each damage counter on the opponent's Active Pokemon.

Ultra Ball - Item


Choice Belt - Tool

The attached Pokemon's attacks deal +30 damage to your opponent's Active Pokemon V.

Roseanne’s Backup - Supporter

Choose 1 or more: 

  • Shuffle a Pokémon from your discard pile into your deck.

  • Shuffle a Pokémon Tool card from your discard pile into your deck. 

  • Shuffle a Stadium card from your discard pile into your deck. 

  • Shuffle an Energy card from your discard pile into your deck.

Collapse Stadium - Stadium

Each player can't have more than 4 Benched Pokémon. If a player has 4 or more Benched Pokémon, they discard Benched Pokémon until they have 4 Pokémon on the bench. The player who played this card discards first.


If more than one effect changes the number of Benched Pokémon, use the smaller number.

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What do you guys think? This set will definitely bring changes to the current meta and Ultra Ball is BACK. Even for some of the non-V Pokemon can be a new engine for our deck or even make a deck itself. I can’t wait for Brilliant Stars releases!


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

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